Current Practices

PROBLEM: Crevice Corrosion

  • Where piping contacts supports, abrasion caused by vibration and movement destroys protective coatings  
  • Old technologies use round surfaces as wear surface – high point loads, accelerating wear or failure
  • Failure through old FRP can lead to broken seal between pipe and isolator – MOISTURE TRAP
  • Pitting or other loss of steel wall occurs, creating potential leaks or catastrophic failure

SOLUTION: FRP Pipe Wear Pads

Engineered to be the ultimate corrosion protection wear pad system

  • Filament wound, thermoset Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) Shell Support Base
  • 3MTM VHB Adhesive lines inside of the FRP or epoxy resin for wet-set installations
  • Nylatron® NSM Bearing Pad, a proprietary cast Nylon 6,6 containing molybdenum disulphide (MoS2)


A significant improvement on current technologies in crevice corrosion protection

  • Flat siding surface, preventing rotation
  • Inexpensive, reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces point load up to 90%
  • Ideal for new jobs or retrofit projects
  • 3MTM VHBTM can easily be installed
  • Available in multiple colors

FRP Pipe Wear Pads

Perfect for new construction jobs, but can work in throughout all maintenance and retrofit

  • Available in 2” through 36” pipe diameters and multiple colors through special orders.
  • Inexpensive, easily installed, and can significantly reduce maintenance costs.
  • Easily installed by your field personnel following our simple installation procedures using
    our preinstalled peel and stick adhesive tape.